At times, you contemplate where is your life going. For the purpose of knowing, you wondering and wandering around quest for the meaning. You stumble upon many blocks, shaking up your way and on those bumpy road, you stuck. 

However the journey continues, albeit the difficulties you went through. It only indicates that you are capable of doing it and that means you have just unlocked your limit. Believe in yourself, and keep going. God is there besides you, and within you. Ask away, you won't be fooled. 

For the matter of heart, you know what is right. Find the peace you are longing, in the misty dawn of nights and mornings, also between the reading. Let go of what stopping you from the happiness and the truth, and move forward for something new and greater you. 
Behold, your peace of mind matters, and if that lingers and bugs you so much that it hurts, leave. 

Open up your soul and feeling for something that is worthy. For you are too priceless to be taken granted after so many t…


She is a free soul that no one can ever stop,  She is stubborn and holds firmly to what she believes in. You won't change her before she knocks you down in the first move,  She is so carefree that she can't seem to bother what you think about her. 
Let her live the life she dreams of, Let her fly high to the skies that have no limit, Let her carries the stand she holds on,  And let her die, the way she wanted to be remembered most. 

Say it all

Every day, it has always been such a hard time for me when reading the news. Aside from slow internet connection, I seem to distract myself from reading them because I know my heart couldn't take it anymore.

Growing up, I have always been hunting, reading and watching the news, articles, magazines, bulletins and much more from all sort of genres and sources. I have always intrigued to know more and more and more bout what's going on with the world as I eat my ice cream.

But, never in those time, like today that I've been so upset and mad upon news I read and watch. All of this nasty inhumane and immoral conduct that surrounds us give me all sorts of feeling, and worse, to even burst my tears in no minute.

Apart from that, I can't seem to really understand and even fit into the pop-culture era/moment/decade/years (you name it) that we are living in. Viralling is now a thing? I'm all for people sharing personal experience and their proud moments, but now, we can'…


Kata kata itu diungkap dengan penuh makna
Mengartikan rindu yang tak tertanggung dada
Lembut diurai dibalik jendela rasa
Dengan pasrah penuh pada Pencipta

Tiap langkah yang diorak
Tangan yang membanting asa
Tiap satunya dimaknakan dengan niat di dada

Biar halus membisik doa
Namun tetap didengar oleh Si Penentu Segala
Biar akhir nanti,
takdirNya adalah seperti yang terpatri
dalam mimpi mimpi Sang Puteri.


Amidst of this cold weather,
I would rather sip my coffee under the ladder,
There, I would see the future

I'll dive into the wildest thoughts
Questioning self of all that's in mind
Justifying the hows and whys
Concluding the pieces of puzzle I'm in

I would cave into the root
and expect to see it all
From the tiniest to the finest
Drench between reality insides the fantasy

This heart of mine finally draws it sign

but in all honesty,
he does seem alive
albeit the dying he feels inside.


Masih ingat lagi pada suatu hari di kedai kopi?
Kita bercerita tentang apa sahaja dan bergelak ketawa
Ada satu masa kita diam dan melihat muka sesama
Pada mata, rasa cinta dan rindu itu semakin menumpah
Menjadi laut yang takkan kekeringan hingga kiamat menjelma

Ahh, ada apa pada rasa ini?

Satu kopi yang dikongsi bersama dan tangan yang saling berlingkaran pada sesama
Diam itu menjadikan kita dekat
Memahami hati masing masing dalam sunyi kata
Diam tak perlu bersuara
senyum sehingga habis masa

Hari ini aku lalu lagi di kedai kopi
Menjengah dari jendela akan isinya
Hati menjadi nanar
Ahh, mata seakan berpeluh,
deras dan laju.

Another go

This heaven on Earth ...,
Is flawless. 

Like you are to me.