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Slam Poetry

Friends, my words are not direct,
I made all these out of respect,
To understand you have to dig deep,
Please listen, don't fall asleep.

This is the truth, I'm not a liar,
I'm a student not a lawyer,
I observe life not like other people do,
So I'm going to take my eyeballs and put them into you.

Friends, I see an image of beauty,
Like an angel in disguise,
So hidden I cannot see,
So clear in my heart, not in my eyes.

It is not artificial, it is built in,
It is what you are and how you begin,
You are an art, God's flawless creation,
So what is there to alter in perfection?

Beauty is what you are, you are beautiful,
No need to be fearful, instead be thankful,
Don't fall for what the TV tells you,
Those are all lies, come on get a clue!

Models are skinny like sticks,
Photoshop can even turn me into Brad Pitt,
There's no reality, only fantasy,
People are abusing the meaning of beauty.

Liposuction only sucks your dignity away,
Botox only makes you smile like a clown,
Breast implants only…