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In this toughest time, here I am, writing. No one to talk with, no shoulder to lean on, no ears to listen and no hands to hold.

In this time of hardship, I face it all alone. Struggling with own self, motivating own mind that everything's gonna be alright.

In this toughest time, I care to write more than I choose to talk.
I know, its no good for me to express everything here.
I know, He would listens to me every time, anywhere.
But to calm myself through writing is just me.

I learnt a lot.

Little did I know you held me down.
Little did I realise, you bring out the worst in me.


It all fade.

This feeling running in my chest is indescribable.
The scratch I feel in my heart eventually swollen my smile and it all turned to tear.

This pain running in my veins is beyond imagination.
It leads me to unbearable pains.

In this tiring battle, I chose to raise the flag.
The victory is all yours.

Now and then.