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Another go

This heaven on Earth ...,
Is flawless. 

Like you are to me. 


The worst kind of feeling is when my world stops but the rest of the world continues.

Talk less, show less.

You don't have to explain yourself every single time.

Life is life, then live one.

Late night thought

I write when I don'f feel right.

I write to comfort the anxiety inside me. I find this what works best for me, in which I find peace and tranquility. Often, my words are an explanatory of my feelings, or at least a scene behind the unseen. Yet, the heart of mine is a very complex cloth of blood that mercilessly tickles me every now and then.

I especially write when I feel sad or upset.



Is your heart joking around mine, mate?


I have probably foreseen the future yet I decided to take the risk, once again. I myself do not know what would stop me, or even pause me. How am I able to bear such feeling and anxiety throughout these years. How I able to firmly stuck in this vicious cycle over and over again. 

Will it be a day where I manage to break the wall and run through ? 

Maybe not. Say heart for a thousand times. 


For the heart is yearning and longing what it needed most, day to day.

Funny how a person or a thing brings so much impact on a person and situation.
she shines because the existence of the Sun,
but tears come down because the emptiness of others.

We, human, are the weakest of all yet so strong than other creations.

It was all butterflies
now and then.


I know now, it just another mistake I made.

Its okay Sofea, chin up and be strong.