Say it all

Every day, it has always been such a hard time for me when reading the news. Aside from slow internet connection, I seem to distract myself from reading them because I know my heart couldn't take it anymore.

Growing up, I have always been hunting, reading and watching the news, articles, magazines, bulletins and much more from all sort of genres and sources. I have always intrigued to know more and more and more bout what's going on with the world as I eat my ice cream.

But, never in those time, like today that I've been so upset and mad upon news I read and watch. All of this nasty inhumane and immoral conduct that surrounds us give me all sorts of feeling, and worse, to even burst my tears in no minute.

Apart from that, I can't seem to really understand and even fit into the pop-culture era/moment/decade/years (you name it) that we are living in. Viralling is now a thing? I'm all for people sharing personal experience and their proud moments, but now, we can't even go on with a day without having to deal with nasty and unworthy stories. I don't see any purpose of viralling owner of the stores/business in social medias cus you know what? You don't go to a restaurant with the good looking cook. You freaking go to the restaurant to have a good food. This act of viralling unnecessary things has always given me such a hard time whenever I stumble upon one in my timeline. Of course, I can always unfollow those people that always retweet such things, but, there's always more reason to not do so.

Taking it to political matters, I know we all have such a hard time reading news everyday. I can't even remember when was the last time I read the news with a smile on my face. Today, or in these recent years, I'm quite positive that we all can't help ourselves to shook our head as we reading them. Our medias are pretty much controlled and had a very strict guideline and blueprint that they need to follow. Take it in Malaysia, they have always spin and twisted things far too much that caused people to throw hate towards each other. Aren't we all brought up and taught to love and have compassion regardless of their races, skin colors, religions, beliefs, and ethnicity? But how is it in such modern era, we are far worst than we were years back? Aren't these technologies that we praised and loved and proud of supposedly taking us to next level of thinking, individuals with higher integrity, respect and love, and supporting each other in all means possible despite the differences we have? Aren't we all taught of that back when we were in primary school?
Or maybe it goes back to where we think Golden Age represent the bright and achievement of Islam, isn't it?

I am so sad. Taking all that I've written first to myself, I have never felt any worse than this. This is such a failure. We failed as a nation, as a citizen and far worst, as a human. At least I know I am.

Talking bout priority, you don't downgrade people with different priorities with you, supposedly. We all believe in different things, and we all perceived things differently, we all look at things with different perspective. Therefore, if one person priority's in not similar with yours, does that makes that person's priority is less worth than yours? Think, it's a rhetorical question.
If you think you can downgrade people that don't take professional academic matters as a priority, then, that's on you and not them.


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