At times, you contemplate where is your life going. For the purpose of knowing, you wondering and wandering around quest for the meaning. You stumble upon many blocks, shaking up your way and on those bumpy road, you stuck. 

However the journey continues, albeit the difficulties you went through. It only indicates that you are capable of doing it and that means you have just unlocked your limit. Believe in yourself, and keep going. God is there besides you, and within you. Ask away, you won't be fooled. 

For the matter of heart, you know what is right. Find the peace you are longing, in the misty dawn of nights and mornings, also between the reading. Let go of what stopping you from the happiness and the truth, and move forward for something new and greater you. 

Behold, your peace of mind matters, and if that lingers and bugs you so much that it hurts, leave. 

Open up your soul and feeling for something that is worthy. For you are too priceless to be taken granted after so many trials you decided to fight on. 

Yet again, 
there you sat on the floor grieving not knowing. 


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